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Blue Jays Blogs and Resources

1 Blue Jays Way
500 Level Fan
AL Eastbound & Down
Batter's Box
Bluebird Banter
Blue Jays Hipsters
Blue Jays Plus
Buck Blunders
Cooperstowners in Canada
Definitely Not Jays Talk
Drunk Jays Fans
Ghostrunner on First (RIP)
Go Jays Go
House of the Bluebird
Infield Fly
Jays Prospects
Missing BJ
MLB Trade Rumors - Blue Jays Page
Mop Up Duty
Sporting Madness
Sports and the City
The Hills Are Alive
The North Side of the Diamond
The Southpaw
The Tao of Stieb

Other MLB Blogs

Babes Love Baseball
Big League Stew
C70 At The Bat (Cardinals)
Lineup Forms
Marlin Maniac (Marlins)
Stadium Journey

Fantasy Sports Blogs

Fantasy Baseball Insiders
Fantasy Hockey Scouts

Blue Jays Resources

Blue Jays Depth Chart
Blue Jays Active Roster
Blue Jays Transactions
Blue Jays Top 10 Prospects
Rogers Centre Seating and Pricing Chart


Baseball Reference
Baseball Almanac
Beyond the Boxscore
Brooks Baseball (Pitch F/X)
HitTracker Baseball


  1. Thanks for the link! Hopefully we're not considered an adversary... we are Halladay fans after all. :)

  2. No prob Sooze, you guys aren't an adversary at all. Any fan of Roy Halladay is a friend of ours!

  3. Appreciate the addition in the latest update, man. (We're not secretly an adversary, are we?)

  4. Raymond, we're all on the same team here. No adversaries really, (even the other teams blogs!)


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