Give Him the Gold Glove Already!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007  |  by 

Vernon Wells may not be the only Gold Glover on the team by year’s end - if fans have any say in it. I am of course, talking about recent phenom John McDonald. Otherwise known as the “Minister of Defense”.

It seems like Johnny Mac is on the highlight reel every night, with an amazing play. He has really come into his own at shortstop, and is proving to be one of the best in the league. Even in losing causes, John McDonald is always firing on all cylinders.

The biggest compliment for John McDonald would be to receive the Gold Glove Award. This award is voted on my coaches and fellow players. The winner of this award last year at shortstop was Derek Jeter. Jeter currently has a .970 fielding percentage, as opposed to John McDonald’s .985 fielding percentage.

Johnny Mac should definitely be a lock for a Gold Glove, but the problem is that voters generally favor veteran players (i.e. Jeter, Cabrera, etc). But, I think that the MLB is turning a new leaf, and really promoting the “feel good stories” in baseball this year. Rick Ankiel is another example of a great baseball success story.

Regardless of whether John McDonald wins the Gold Glove or not, more importantly he will have the shortstop starting job next year in Toronto. It is very well deserved, but having that Gold Glove in has back pocket might give him a little more leigh way in negotiations.

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