Split with KC

Tuesday, August 14, 2007  |  by 

What happens when the Toronto Blue Jays’ bats so silent? You split a four game series with the Kansas City Royals. Okay, that was a lame attempt at a joke - but the Jays offense in this past series was an even bigger joke.

Standing out like a sore thumb; only 9 total runs scored over 4 games. Keep in mind, that last week in ONE GAME, the Jays scored 15 runs against the Yankees. If it weren’t for the Jays stellar starting pitching, they would have been swept by the KC Royals - one of the American League’s bottom feeding teams.

On Friday, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that Shaun Marcum’s 6 inning no hitter was going to be squandered away by a lackluster offense. A.J. Burnett’s return was spectacular - you would have never guessed that he’s been on DL twice this year, watching the way he pitched on Sunday.

Despite these quality starts, it’s extremely frustrating to watch the Blue Jays offense struggle to put up runs. I hate to sound like every other fan, but Frank Thomas honestly looks like he’s lost at the plate. Some nights, he looks like he’s practicing his golf swing for the off-season; because at this rate, there’s next to no chance the Jays will be playing in October.

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