Dustin Busts the Red Sox' Chops

Monday, September 17, 2007  |  by 

Before I even mention anything into regards to tonight's ACTUAL game, let me start by saying that Dustin McGowan has the best sideburns in the majors. None of this "Joe Mauer" bullshit - those things are nothing compared to McGowan's chops. Somebody get that guy an endorsement deal with Gilette!

But in to regards to McGowan's pitching - it was just as filthy tonight. 1 earned run, and 5 hits allowed against the Red Sox. That's absolutely incredible. You can tell he is going to be a future ace of the club.

Not to mention that Frank the Tank belted out 3 homeruns. I officially take back any bad things I said about the Big Hurt. Overall, I think he did what he was paid to do this season; leading the team in HR and RBI this year. It looks like he's finally found his swing; 2 weeks before the season is over. I still think the Jays overpaid a little for his services; but at least he stayed off the DL this year.

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