Happy Heckler is a douchebag

Saturday, September 8, 2007  |  by 

After watching last night's 7-2 tromping of the Devil Rays, all throughout the broadcast I was wondering "Who is that douchebag yelling in the background?". I knew it was a heckler, but it was constant, annoying, and irritating. To my surprise, is was the "Happy Heckler", otherwise known as Rob Szasz.

Since the D-Rays starting stinking up St. Petersburg, he has been there for every home game. He sits behind home plate, and heckles opponents endlessly. Now, I'm all for throwing players off their game, but this guy is an annoying douche. If I could hear him all throughout the Jays broadcast, it must've been 100 times worse in person.

You may think I hate him so much because it's a heckler that makes fun of the Jays. The truth is, even if the guy was heckling everyone BUT Jays players, I'd still be annoyed. I don't go to ballgames to listen to fat men bark at baseball players all afternoon.

But, I guess that's all Tampa Bay players have to look forward to - their heckler getting more press than the actual team. OH SNAP!


  1. Fine, that guy sucks. But, I doubt he's getting more press than the Rays this year. Probably more press than the Jays, though. OH SNAP!

  2. The way the Jays are playing compared to the Rays, I'd be more interested in the Happy Heckler myself!!

  3. Dude, I am so surprised by the way we are playing, ( I was a fan before we got our team in '98 ) that I can only hope that we can continue this crazy run for the pennant! It feels so right, yet so improbable.

  4. From one baseball fan to another, good luck! I'm sure the Rays will run away with the AL East anyway. The only outside chance the Jays have is at the Wildcard. The Rays should be really worried about the teams they will have to face in the playoffs though.

  5. Oh yeah, if you ever have any games you want to watch that aren't shown locally, there's a site you can go to to watch; they usually have all games covered (assuming you are running windows).
    For instance, today:


    The program you need is called tvants, can be gotten here:


    If you wanted to check it out. I also enjoy watching late west coast games after I get out of work at night.

  6. That's good to know. I've heard of TVants for the odd game that isn't broadcast on TV. I usually just catch that MLB live thing at work if I need to. Are most Rays games broadcast the network?

  7. Yeah, almost all MLB games are shown, but it is limited to the people that are able to do it on any given day. Today, for instance, 11 out of 14 games were shown. They aren't paid, and they really have no incentive to stream games. I'm just glad that they do it. The weird thing is that even if you pay for MLB.TV, they still black out your local "out of market" games. It's a cool service, also good for watching NFL and CFL, since usually you are stuck with only 1 or 2 games to choose from on any given day.

  8. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for next season for sure! I've heard that MLB.TV is a bit of a ripoff anyway.

  9. the ironic thing about this is that the guy is actually from Toronto

  10. I know, who would've thought that a guy who grew up in Toronto would end up moving to Florida and cheering for the Rays instead of the Jays.

    Actually, I don't really have anything against the Happy Heckler (Rob) anymore. He doesn't really try to take focus off the game and on him, unlike the Fake Umps. Those guys are my new number one enemies behind home plate.


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