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2004; it was a magical year for the Boston Red Sox. They completed their Cinderella season, and won their first World Series title in 86 years. 2004; it was also the last year that the Blue Jays had been swept at Fenway Park. But the Jays’ bats would have something to say about that in the final game of the series.

The Jays actually showed some life in this series; coming back from deficits in late inning to at least make the games interesting. Stifling the Red Sox hitting is nearly impossible; so for the Jays to have a fighting chance, they needed to put up runs.

Halladay held them to 5 runs, and Marcum held them to 4 - which is actually pretty respectable, considering the opponents. In the final game, V-Dub dispelled any rumours about a shoulder injury when he knocked in the game-winning 2 run homer in the 9th inning. Vernon was definitely the hero of that game; hitting 2 singles and the winning homerun.

At this point, I hate to be a downer but I don’t think we’ll see the Blue Jays playing baseball in October. Yes, they are just 6.5 games back from the Wild Card lead, but that would mean the Jays would have to go on a big winning streak. Not only that, but the Yankees, Mariners, and Tigers would also have to go on a big losing streak. Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

I think there might be a better chance of there being “Weekend at Bernie’s 3”.

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