Oh, the season that was ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007  |  by 

At the beginning of the season, I definitely didn’t expect he Toronto Blue Jays to be fighting to stay above .500. Like most fans, I had high expectations for this team - and projected them to be right in the thick of things, possibly playing in October.

It’s inspiring to see the Jays still playing well, especially against playoff-bound teams. By sweeping the Red Sox, and taking 2 out of 4 from the Yankees, this just proved that the Jays do have what it takes to compete in the American League East. Unfortunately, 2007 will not be that year.

Despite that, you can undoubtedly see the wear and tear on the team. Many of the starting players have gone down for the remainder of the season, including Glaus, Overbay, Wells and now Marcum. Bench players are slowly starting to creep their way up into the starting roster, hoping of getting some playing time.

Most impressive so far, has been the play of Russ Adams. Last week he hit two game-winning hits against Boston, and currently sits with a .265 batting average. Although he has been kind to the Jays with his bat, his glove has something yet to be desired. In the off-season, he will undoubtedly be working on his defensive skills.

So at this point, all the Blue Jays can really do is just hang on, and hope to finish with a winning record for the 2007 season. I think to expect anything more would be just a pipe dream.

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