This Just In ... Jays Not To Make Playoffs (title is 3 months old)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007  |  by 

You could have written that headline 3 months ago, and nothing would have changed. The only difference in mid-September is that for some reason, with 9 games left the Blue Jays are playing like they should have all season long.

I jumped 7 feet off my couch last night, and out of my end of the season coma when Russ Adams hit that 2 run game winning hit last nite. Though it sucked to see Oldman Zaun get nailed at the plate. And after a shaky 9th, the Jays locked down the 9-3 win.

For some reason, Eric Gagne looked like a little sailor boy, with his chin fuzz, and hat that doesn't fit him. He's been pitching like shit lately, and walked in the tying run - which Gagne hasn't done since 2001.

Where was this kind of spirit way back in July? It makes no sense. The Jays are merely playing for an above .500 record, not a playoff spot. I love how columnists and play-by-play commentators always comment how the Jays can play "spoiler". Who really gives a shit? But, I guess as a Jays fan - that's all we've had to look forward to for the past 10 years.

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