At least I'm not a Padres Fan (the sequel)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007  |  by 

Living vicariously through teams with a post-season hope, I watched last night’s Wild-Card tiebreaker game, and it was baseball at its finest. It was a great back & forth game, and was nothing short of controversial (a few times).

Appearing to have it locked up in the top of the 13th, the Padres blew the 2-run lead, and the Rockies pulled off one of the greatest season-ending comebacks in MLB history to secure a playoff berth against the Phillies.

Replays clearly show that Holliday didn’t actually touch the plate, but the home-plate umpire blew the call, and now the Padres go home to cry themselves to sleep for the next month or so.

Now I’m torn as who to feel more sorry for; Mets fans, or Padres fans. The Mets blew it in the final weeks, whereas the Padres blew it within the final inning. For now, my sympathy goes with the Padres. But for those Mets fans that are still reeling about their playoff hopes being dashed, looks like Mr. Met had it much worse.

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