Give Rios Whatever the Hell he Wants!

Monday, January 21, 2008  |  by 

And then there was one ...

Alex Rios is the only remaining player on the Blue Jays roster that is arbitration eligible in 2008. So what the hell does that mean? Well, if the player and club can't agree on a salary, then it goes to court ... and most often favors what the player wants. Talks between management and Rios' agent were less than productive; apparently the two sides have a $1 million price tag between them.

Alex wants $5.65, the Jays want to give him $4.35. Now, the Blue Jays have until the end of February to lock this up, but I hope they just get this over with. Rios is the future of the Blue Jays, he's a two-time all star, and was one of a FEW players on the team last year that actually lived up to expectations.

Some may see Rios at the cheap man's Vernon Wells, but I think Alex has finally come into his own as a franchise player for the Blue Jays. So give him whatever the hell he wants, dammit!

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