“Haha, Just Joking”; Barajas makes it official this time

Sunday, January 27, 2008  |  by 

Remember that chick that you dated in high school who one day told you she was “saving it for marriage”; so you dumped her ass, and then ended up banging her a year later anyway?

Well, think of that as what happened to the Blue Jays with Rod Barajas last year. Barajas promised the Jays he would be their starting catcher … then got cold feet, and decided he was waiting to find the right person.

Well, the Jays made him their bitch yesterday, by signing him to a 1 year $1.2 million dollar contract. The original offer last year was for 2 years, and $5.25 million. In 2007, he was offered the starting catcher’s role, but he will now be demoted to backup for old man Zaun in 2008. For some reason, it seems like Ricciardi has a boner for Barajas - so his second attempt at signing him worked after a little more convincing. And some flowers, and come candy, and a diamond necklace.

Just goes to show you, that players (and girls) eventually will give it up if they get desperate enough.

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