Jays are Rolen with a new third basemen

Monday, January 14, 2008  |  by 

I credit myself with the clever headline. Today the Jays traded Troy “On the Sauce” Glaus to St. Louis for Scott Rolen. Their stats are pretty much identical, with Glaus having slightly more homeruns.

It’s apparently a win/win trade for both teams; Glaus moves south and to a natural turf field that would favour his nagging ankle, and Rolen leaves behind problems between himself and manager Tony LaRussa.

I’m in favour of this trade mostly because it ships out a liability in Glaus. In ’06 he was a great asset to the team, but in ’07 he was a liability. And with the HGH speculation and his name in the Mitchell report, he’s better off heading to St. Louis.

Rolen on the other also comes with a few question marks. He missed the last part of the season with a shoulder injury. Also, his issues with management (mostly Tony LaRussa) make me curious if we might have another “Hillend-gate” on our hands. Although his seven Gold Gloves add some solid defence to the Jays infield.

At this point, the Jays don’t really have that much to lose with Glaus. It’s only a few years before his body is kaput anyway, so may as well ship him out while we can get something for him.

Adios Glaus-y!

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