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Thursday, January 10, 2008  |  by 

Well here we are a mere 83 days away from opening day for the Jays in ’08 - and I wish it would really hurry up and get here. News around camp has been next to nil ever since the Rios/Lincesum rumours, and even small tidbits these days seem like huge developments.

With most people’s focus on the Clemens vs. McNamee saga, baseball is getting a pretty bad rap these days. In fact, only one - just one player was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year; Rich Gossage. He never played for the Jays anyway, so who cares.

As far as the whole Clemens drama goes, this thing keeps getting more effed up by the day. At his press conference on Monday, Clemens played a phone call between himself and McNamee in which McNamee sounded very apologetic, but never admitted anything. Now apparently there is word of ANOTHER phone call out there which makes Roger Clemens sound like an ass. Well, that’s probably not too difficult to find anyway.

I guess it’s all good drama for the buildup of the 2008 baseball season, but if Clemens decides to come back this season, he will undoubtedly be booed out of every visiting ballpark. When it comes to this issue, I’m pretty much on the fence; I believe that Clemens did in fact use performance enhancing drugs, but if he is in fact guilty, why would he go to such lengths to prove his innocence? He just seems like the kind of jerk who would do it anyway; “I don’t give a rat’s ass about the Hall of Fame”, as he said in his press conference.

Way to win over the public, Roger.

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