Bedard flying the Nest, Santana leaves Chad Kroeger

Tuesday, February 5, 2008  |  by 

Two of the biggest offseason questions were finally answered this week; where will Johan Santana be traded to, and which MLB Player is going to bang Alyssa Milano next? I mean, where is Erik Bedard going to be shipped?

It’s not official yet, but word is that good old Canadian boy Erik Bedard will be traded to the Seattle Mariners for a plaid shirt that Kurt Cobain wore sometime in the 90’s, and a hell of a lot of Starbucks. This trade leaves the Orioles staff with NO ace, and pretty much subtracts 15 wins from their win total this coming season. This is good news for the Jays, which means they will have to face Bedard less, and more shitty Orioles pitching more (bonus!).

In other pitching news, Johan Santana has agreed in principal to a deal that will send him to the Mets, in exchange for four players. The final details are supposed to be hammered out by 3pm today. This definitely shakes up the picture of the AL Central. With Santana gone, the best pitcher in the Central is now C.C. Sebathia. Not to be confused with C & C Music Factory.

Everybody dance now!

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