Blank Cheques: by Gregg Zaun

Friday, February 15, 2008  |  by 

After remaining silent for over 2 months, Gregg Zaun finally answered questions to why his name was attached to the Mitchell report. His simple explanation was that a $500 cheque he wrote to former teammate Jason Grimsley, wound up in the hands of drug dealer Kirk Radomski. Zaun apparently forgot to write the recipient name on the cheque, so Grimsley used that cheque to pay Radomski. That would explain why Zauny’s name is connected to this whole thing.

So what was the cheque for? Zaun says it was probably for a bet on a basketball game, and that’s why he probably didn’t put the name on the cheque. I can buy that explanation; but the part where it gets suspicious, is why did Gregg wait until now to explain himself if he was innocent all along? He made a brief statement on December 13th, but other than that, has refused to make any comments on his involvement in the Mitchell report.

I believe what Zauny says; it’s not like he’s a huge guy, and he’s never really been a power hitter. When I saw that his name was on the Mitchell report, much like any Jays fan I was very confused. The only logical explanation to why Zaun would be on there, would be so his old man bones didn’t shatter, and so he can use HGH to grow his homeless-man beard.

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