Clemens vs. McNamee: The Thrill on Capital Hill

Wednesday, February 13, 2008  |  by 

Today it all goes down; Roger Clemens hopes to clear his name, and Brian McNamee looks to validate his stories as the two tangle on Capital Hill. A “he said, he said” battle will finally be settled in front of the U.S. Courts.

Really, it’s all hearsay as to who’s lying here. In my opinion, I think it’s Clemens that’s lying. For some reason, his face just looks guilty. Clemens has never really had a squeaky clean image as a ball player. His numerous run-ins with fellow players, and blow-ups with coaches have already tainted his stance as an all-star player in my book.

These guys can argue back and forth all they want; but if McNamee has needles with Clemens’ DNA on it - it’s over. The evidence speaks for itself. If you think about it, McNamee really has nothing to lose here; and Clemens has everything to lose.

Why would McNamee lie? What does he have to gain? It really makes no sense. But for Clemens to deny all reports, he is simply protecting his career. And Roger Clemens definitely seems like a man who would go to any lengths to protect himself.

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