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Monday, February 11, 2008  |  by 

That’s right, we’re less than 24 hours away from the opening of 2008 Spring Training for the Toronto Blue Jays. There are some new faces (Barajas, Eckstein, Rolen, Scutaro), but all in all, it seems like a positive attitude down in Dunedin, Florida.

Gibby said “This is the strongest club - and we’ve put together some strong clubs here - with less question marks then we’ve had”. It is promising; because for God’s sake, it can’t be much more injury-prone than last season.

Two big questions remain to be answered before we hit opening day; Will BJ be ready, and who will get the 5th starting rotation spot? Well, the answer to both questions hinges on the readiness of BJ Ryan. If in fact he is ready to go for Opening Day, we might see Casey Janssen step into the 5th spot. If not, it’s more likely that Jesse Litsch will regain his starting role from last year. So it all depends on BJ.

To a lesser extent, another conundrum is the new starting lineup. It’s likely that Eckstein will lead off, but from there, it’s anyone’s guess. Look for either Johnson or Hill to go second, then Rios or Wells to bat third. Followed cleanup by Frank T.

Catchers and pitchers start their workout on Saturday, and the entire team suits up for a full workout on February 21st. The Jays’ first spring training game is February 28th against the Tigers. And it can’t come soon enough. That’s what she said.

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