What are the odds? … Pretty good, actually!

Sunday, February 24, 2008  |  by 

In my biased world, I always pick the Toronto Blue Jays to be the champions of the world every year. But unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case since 1993. So we’ll go to a more credible source, for the Jays odds of winning this year.

World Champion MLB Handicapper (whatever that means) Jimmy Boyd from Point-Spead.com basically mirrors what most folks have been saying; the Jays are stacked in pitching, and lacking in hitting. He says the Jays have to get their bats going this year, if they want any chance of surpassing the Yankees and Red Sox. One of the biggest points that Boyd makes is that it’s crucial that A.J. Burnett has a good year. If he can stay off the DL, I think he’ll have no problem.

The Jays need a Fausto Carmona-esuqe year out of A.J. Burnett to remain competitive in the AL East in 2008.

So are you wondering just exactly the odds are the Jays have a hope in hell of winning it all? In fact, Sportbetting.com has the Blue Jays at 30 to 1 odds to win the World Series this year, with 5 to 1 odds of winning the AL East. Not too shabby!

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