Gibby Likes What He Sees

Thursday, March 6, 2008  |  by 

Coaches are expected to say cliché things. They’re expected to freak out on reporters. And coaches are even expected to be a little crazy (but not so much so that they make up war-stories from ‘Nam.) So it was no surprise when asked about his team, that John Gibbons said that the 2008 Jays are the best Jays he has seen in tenure so far in Toronto.

Yes, that’s easy to say in Spring Training when most players don’t even have their feet wet yet, but this is good news. Gibby said that a lot of question marks in the pitching department have been answered, and this year’s lineup is poised to do a lot of damage. This is true: coming into the 2007 season, there were a lot more uncertainties than this season. Really, the only questions we need answered this year is “Who is the 5th starter?” and “Will BJ be ready for Opening Day”.

Gibbons also said in the interview that expects V-Dub to have a bounce-back year. Well, I would certainly hope so, because it can’t get any shittier than last season’s nightmare for Wells. He also expects Lizzle Overbizzle (gangsta for Lyle Overbay) to come back strong in 2008 too.

Of course, even if he thought his team sucked, would John Gibbons say so? Hell no. But it’s encouraging to hear him say that he’s optimistic about the ’08 Jays.

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