Jays Beat the Sawks

Thursday, March 20, 2008  |  by 

Amongst all the drama that was yesterday’s game between the Jays and Red Sox, the Jays actually squeaked out a victory; handing the Red Sox a 4-3 loss. Not much attention was paid to itself, more so the controversy surrounding the dispute between coaches and training staff over compensation for their upcoming trip to Japan.

The game itself was delayed an hour, and the Sawks threatened to not the play the game at all; plus not go on their 7 day tour of Japan unless the coaches were given the money. I guess they were expected to pay the required $40,000 out of their own pocket for the trip, which is pretty ridiculous considering that coaches and support staff’s salaries pale in comparison to players.

The Drunk Jays Fans make a very hilarious reference to communism in a piece posted yesterday. Wow - not very often that the “red” comes out, but when it does - instant hilarity.

So the Jays beat the Red Sox 4-3! Okajima gave up 4 runs in the 8th inning, to give the Blue birds the victory. Given that most of the Red Sox roster was either crying in the clubhouse, or playing in minor league games; but still! Yes, the win was buried in the headlines, but any attention that the Jays can get from the USA media is great.

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