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That pretty much explains my reaction when I found out Casey Janssen was sidelined for the entire 2008 season. It’s a big blow - especially since the season hasn’t even started yet. This was also the year that the Jays “Weren’t going to get hurt”; well, so much for that. It’s the first of what I’m sure are many injuries to come.

Doctors discovered that Janssen had a torn labrum; a shoulder injury which can sideline pitchers for the rest of their career if not careful. Apparently, they discovered the tear back in September, but thought surgery wasn’t necessary at the time.

So this pretty much gives Jesse Litsch the 5th starting position by default; considering that Chacin is about as useful as a box of staples. Ricciardi said that the position won’t be gift wrapped, and he might possibly be looking outside the Jays for more pitching help.

Enter Armando Benitiez; the 35 year old closer signed to a minor-league deal on Tuesday. In 2008, Benitez had 17 saves in 54 games split between the Marlins and the Giants. This is a good move - even if it is a minor league deal. You can never have too many arms in the bullpen.

Although losing Janssen is a big deal, I think the Jays will be able to cope. Since Accardo stepped up last year, confidence in the bullpen is very high this season. If BJ is ready, Accardo will be a deadly setup man - followed by Scott Downs, Brandon League and Brian Wolfe. Better to lose Janssen now, then 3 days into the season - right?

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