Doc Holds Down the Fort

Friday, April 18, 2008  |  by 

After a game where the entire Jays bullpen was depleted, a start from the Doc was the perfect remedy. It was no coincidence that Gibbons let Halladay pitch the complete game; though maybe it was a throwback to Gibbons obsession last year with letting Halladay throw complete games.

Regardless, Halladay went 9 innings giving up 4 ER on 11 hits and 1 walk. It’s really nothing to scoff at, it’s just unfortunate that he couldn’t get the run support to keep the team in the ballgame. I hate to say it, but I’m seeing shades of the ’07 Jays that couldn’t produce runs despite getting quality starts from the starting pitchers. I really hope this is a trend that doesn’t continue.

Now the Jays face the Tigers for a 4-game home stand this weekend. Earlier in the season, I would’ve said that this would be a sweep for the Jays, but now the Tigers seem to have finally found their groove. I imagine this will be a series split; I can’t really see one team dominating the other in the series. I think it will be a see-saw battle for most of the weekend. For my sake, I just hope that the Jays win the series so I can shutup the Tigers fans at the office.

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