Extra Innings Don’t Lead to Extra Winnings

Thursday, April 17, 2008  |  by 

Last night’s 4 hour 53 minute affair between the Jays and Rangers was the stuff that dreams are made of. That is, if you constantly have nightmares that seemingly last for hours and feel like there’s no end in sight. Yeah - those kinds of dreams.

I have to admit, I drifted in and out of that game from inning to inning. Jamie Campbell’s constant reminders that “the Jays have run out of Pitchers” was especially annoying. Yes, the Blue Jays went through 9 pitchers of the course of 14 innings; but that doesn’t mean they’d have to forfeit the game. Thanks again for that expert analysis, Jamie Campbell.

Give credit to where it is due to Jesse Carlson for holding it down for three innings of relief work. He got himself out of jams on multiple occasions, and gave up just one hit and no runs. I can’t really blame A.J. Burnett for losing the game. It was really the passed ball by Gregg Zaun that lost the game, but I can’t blame him either. Catching a game for 14 innings will eventually take it’s toll; and Zauny just made a mistake.

Really, the Blue Jays shouldn’t have even had a chance at winning that game. A throwing error in the 8th game the Jays new life, as they tied the game. Multiple times in extras they had chances to close it out; even with two base runners and one out.

At what point do you look at your team and say “Now we have to focus at winning tomorrow’s game”. Yes, it’s important to win every game - but at what cost? There’s no point in winning that game in extras, if you deplete your entire bullpen in one night. I’m not saying it was all for nothing, but in the end - you have to look at the big picture.

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