Prohibition in the Nosebleeds

Thursday, April 10, 2008  |  by 

Much like the fellas over at Drunk Jays Fans, I was outraged when I heard that Paul Godfrey announced that alcohol would no longer be served in the 500 section during $2 Tuesday games at the Rogers Centre. Much like anything in life, leave it up to a few douchebags to ruin it for everyone else.

Apparently over 100 people were ejected from the game on Tuesday for being drunk assholes (which I think is part of a requirement to watch the game, but anyway). Godfrey also said he might consider banning the promotion all together, if this kind of behavior continues in the future.

Part of the appeal of the $2 Tuesday games is that since your ticket is so dirt cheap, then you spend the money you normally would on a ticket, on overpriced beer. But now, those are just memories. That just means the fans will still be drunk, but now they move down a section.

More bad news for DJF’s, security is apparently going to be increased in the stands, and fans could be subjected to random searches. Well hey, so long as each one comes with a complimentary cigarette after the search, I’m all for it.

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