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Monday, April 7, 2008  |  by 

It really was a very exciting weekend for Jays fans - 3 wins against the World Series Champs the Boston Red Sox really proved that they have what it takes to contend in 2008. The combination of quality starts and timely offence propelled the Blue Jays to outscore the BoSox 23-9 in the series.

On Friday, my landlord was probably convinced there was a young woman being skinned because I was screaming so loudly (and high pitched for some reason). There was also a lot of clapping over the weekend, thanks to clutch hits from V-Dub and Frank the Tank.

As of this week, I am back on the V-Dub Club - I honestly wasn’t sure if he would bounce back right away. But by posting a .286 average with 2 homeruns and 5 RBI’s in the first week of the MLB season, I think it’s safe to say that the Vernon Wells of old has returned.

There was also very exciting news on Friday; with the announcements of Alex Rios and Aaron Hill contract extensions. Though, I’m still a little confused as to why the Jays chose to sign Rios for so long. In the last two off-seasons, they have shopped him to several clubs - but maybe this year they finally realized he is their future franchise player.

Jays are home to the A’s for three this week, then on the road for 3 in Texas starting on Friday. Let’s turn this 3-game win streak into a 9-game streak, shall we!?

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