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Wednesday, April 9, 2008  |  by 

We were treated last night to our first light-up of the year of A.J. Burnett; he was lit up for 6 runs in just 4.1 innings pitched. Early on, I figured that the Jays would feast on A’s starter Chad Gaudin. V-Dub homered early, to make it a 3-1 ballgame in the 1st inning. Little did I know, Burnett would get rocked the following inning.

I don’t want to be blamed for abandoning my team when the going gets tough - but I did abandon this game twice. Sadly, one time was to watch “Beauty and the Geek” - the other was for “Big Brother”. Now usually, I don’t turn away from a Jays game when they’re losing. But last night, I saw shades of A.J. Burnett that reflected his struggles from last season. Pitch control was a big issue for him last night.

Though, I do have to credit the Jays offence for making it a very interesting game. Frank Thomas’ dinger in the 8th got me up off of my couch screaming like a little girl. I am starting to really appreciate the Big Hurt’s “golf-like” homerun swing, which was almost identical to his Grand Slam swing on Sunday. When he does it, it looks like he’s about 2 inches from falling flat on his ass, and dislocating his shoulder - that’s how you can tell Frank the Tank is going deep.

Although it was for a losing cause, I really have to give props for the Blue Jays bats for keeping the team in a game that should have been lost by a much larger margin. Aaron Hill went 4 for 4, and both Wells and Thomas used the long ball to make things interesting.

As a side note, as games continue to be broadcast on TSN my hatred for Rod Black is growing faster thank his would-be moustache hairs. His constant need to point out the obvious, and admiration for opposing players is quite annoying. The Rod Black cliché writing department also deserves a mushroom slap for their idiotic comments they write for Black. I never in my life thought I’d be so happy to see Jamie Campbell in my life.

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