There’s No Place Like Home Opener

Friday, April 4, 2008  |  by 

Buried beneath all the headlines, and all the hype, tonight the Toronto Blue Jays play their inaugural game of the 2008 season at Rogers Centre tonight.

I like the home opener because there’s fireworks, overproduced video montages, large amounts of alcohol - and oh yeah, some baseball. There’s something special about the home opener every season; I can never quiet explain what the fascination is, but I am excited nonetheless.

Tonight, we receive an extra special treat when Roberto Alomar will be entered into the Level of Excellence at the Rogers Centre. I don’t know what took them so long either - Joe Carter and Cito Gaston were inducted way back in ’99, so who the hell knows.

It would be super-great if the Jays can beat the overzealous Red Sox tonight - just to shut up those annoying members of Red Sox nation. If the Jays can consistently hit to left field, they’ll have no problem outrunning Manny Ramirez’ girly arm.

In a page from the playbook of the Drunk Jays Fans, I will be sharing my drink of choice tonight: the fine English Cider; Strongbow. Or as I prefer to call it after I’ve had 6 of them, “the mighty Urine of Zeus”.

Cheers Jays Fans!

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