Friday, April 4, 2008

There’s No Place Like Home Opener

Buried beneath all the headlines, and all the hype, tonight the Toronto Blue Jays play their inaugural game of the 2008 season at Rogers Centre tonight.

I like the home opener because there’s fireworks, overproduced video montages, large amounts of alcohol - and oh yeah, some baseball. There’s something special about the home opener every season; I can never quiet explain what the fascination is, but I am excited nonetheless.

Tonight, we receive an extra special treat when Roberto Alomar will be entered into the Level of Excellence at the Rogers Centre. I don’t know what took them so long either - Joe Carter and Cito Gaston were inducted way back in ’99, so who the hell knows.

It would be super-great if the Jays can beat the overzealous Red Sox tonight - just to shut up those annoying members of Red Sox nation. If the Jays can consistently hit to left field, they’ll have no problem outrunning Manny Ramirez’ girly arm.

In a page from the playbook of the Drunk Jays Fans, I will be sharing my drink of choice tonight: the fine English Cider; Strongbow. Or as I prefer to call it after I’ve had 6 of them, “the mighty Urine of Zeus”.

Cheers Jays Fans!

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