Wave Goodbye to the Tank

Monday, April 21, 2008  |  by 

After 171 games, 29 homeruns, and 1 controversial pillow fight, Frank Thomas will no longer be a Toronto Blue Jay.

I honestly thought that people were over-exaggerating the significance of Thomas’ benching on Saturday’s game; but I guess I was wrong. I figured he’d sit a few games, then Gibby would bring him in late in a game this week, and Frank the Tank would be the hero and all would be forgotten. Instead, Frank Thomas is a free agent, and the Jays have some big shoes to fill in their DH spot (literally and figuratively).

Listening to Jays Talk yesterday, Mike Wilner made some really good points about why it was a good idea to let go of Thomas. After the initial shock wore off, I myself am starting to come around to the idea that he’s no longer a Blue Jay. Wilner said that yes, Thomas will hit his stride, but by that time the Yankees or Bosox could have run away with division already. Hitting 4th or 5th, the Jays can’t afford to keep Thomas in the lineup hitting at .167 through 60 at-bats.

Also, reports of Thomas being a “Locker Room Cancer” may also have had something to do with it. Frank Thomas seems like he might have a big ego - and maybe we just never saw some of that on camera. Honestly, I think if Thomas was really in it for the team he would’ve accepted being benched for a while, or being slotted down in the lineup. But instead, he refused to budge - and that’s why he’s a free agent.

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