We're Going to Disney World!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008  |  by 

Usually the celebrations at Disney World are resorted to the team that wins the World Series, but this week the Jays and Rays will enjoy a 3-game set at Disney World's Wide World of Sports. It's taking place at Champion Stadium, which is the usual Spring Training park for the Atlanta Braves.

Not that this is a statistic to be feared, but the Rays a perfect 3-0 at Champion Stadium; and as of tonight, make that 4-0. Originally I laughed when I heard that a mere 9000 fans showed up for the game tonight; but since the park's capacity is 9500, I guess that isn't so bad.

It's a nice change once in a while to play in a different ballpark for once. It seems like this was a tactic by Rays management to draw more fans from the Orlando area that otherwise wouldn't make the trip to St. Petersberg to visit Tropicana Field. Though if that's the case, they're in for quite the surprise when they get to Tropicana ...

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