Yankee Stadium’s Magical Strike Zone

Friday, April 4, 2008  |  by 

Aside from the annoying Yankee fans, the other thing that was fairly consistent during the Yankees-Jays series was the Umpires complete and utter lack of vision when it comes to calling strikes.

It’s not often that Frank Thomas gets tossed from games, (the last was in Minnesota last year when he hit career homer 500), so when he does - you know it’s for a good reason. In the 4th inning on Thursday night, Thomas sprinted down to first base after he was convinced that he was drawn a walk. Subsequently, he got in the ump’s face and got ejected.

The incident last night just proved a theory I have been developing; the strike zone at Yankee Stadium is dips into an alternate dimension where balls are called strikes, and strikes are called balls.

Yes, we saw calls go both ways for both teams throughout the series, but it seems like the Blue Jays got the really raw end of the deal. The other two incidents that stand out in my mind were Vernon Well’s strikeout in the 7th on Tuesday, and Lyle Overbay’s strikeout in the 8th.

I’m all for favouring calls for the home team; but this was absolutely ridiculous. Yes, I could blame the losses on the Jays lack of offense, but I choose to make the umpires at Yankee Stadium the scapegoats - because that makes it much easier to deal with the pain.

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