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Monday, May 12, 2008  |  by 

You can now add Vernon Wells and Jeremy Accardo to the growing list of Blue Jays players on the disabled list. It seems like the nightmare of the 2007 season is returning once again, as we continue to see players land on the DL in freak accidents on the field.

It’s totally frustrating as a fan to watch the season fall apart at the seams, in the midst of just the second month of baseball in 2008. But it’s difficult to have hope when there are already 6 players sitting on the disabled list. I didn’t expect the team to stay completely healthy in 2008, but I certainly didn’t think they’d be this bad this soon.

So now leave it up to the call-ups and the new faces to bring some hope to this shattered team. Kevin Mench, Brad Wilkerson, Jorge Velandia and Armando Benitez have now joined the 40-man roster, and can hopefully pick up where the regulars left off.

On a lighter note, our friends at the Drunk Jays Fans now have their own kickass podcast on The Score website. Check it out here, and enjoy the hilarity.

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