Behind the Player: Mitch Williams

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Whenever I think of the Philadelphia Phillies, I think back to that faithful 6 game series in the fall of 1993. Coincidently, that was the last time both the Jays and the Phillies would play in the World Series. And it was all benchmarked by one of the most infamous blown saves in World Series history.

I usually try not to devote too much time to players who have not donned the Blue Jays uniform, but with Mitch Williams I couldn’t help it. He of course is most famous for giving up the 3-run homerun to Joe Carter in Game 6 if the 1993 World Series.

Despite what some fans think, in 2005 ESPN aired a special entitled “The Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Blame Mitch Williams for the Philadelphia Phillies Losing the 1993 World Series”. After that pitch, everything changed for Williams. Maybe the strangest story about Wild Thing was that he hit former teammate John Kruk in the nuts with a wild pickoff throw. The throw hit him so bad, it broke his cup and Kruk was later diagnosed with testicular cancer. Yikes.

Following that season, Williams bounced around to the Astros and Angels, before finishing his career in Kansas City in 1997.

After that, since he was such a fan of throwing gutter balls, he ended up owning a Bowling Alley in Philly for a couple of years, until he got back into baseball by playing for the Atlantic City Surf. The following year, he became the coach and then retired once again in 2004.

You can now find Mitch Williams as part of the Philadelphia Phillies post-game analysis team on Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia (a la player turned broadcaster John Kruk). I’m just waiting for the day that Kruk goes for his revenge, and throws a fastball into William’s pills.

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