Prime Minister of Defense Goes Down

Wednesday, May 7, 2008  |  by 

After nibbling away at the heels of our prized Prime Minister of Defence, he was shot down last night in agony. It looks like one of his spikes caught in the turf, and he twisted his ankle awkwardly. Initial reports said he broke his ankle, but now it’s not as bad as we thought. Gibbons said that McDonald will be placed on the DL, but as of now it’s not sure for how long.

Just to show you how much of a trooper J-Mac is, he still managed to throw away the ball after falling to the turf. Wow - what a guy.

Oh yeah, David Eckstein was also benched for yesterday’s game due to an aggravated right groin. Though it sounds like he won’t be put on the Disabled List as of yet, so we could see him back sooner than later.

It’s unfortunate that the Jays lost both shortstops in one night. I think my pissoff moment of the evening was when Jamie Campbell announced “If you’re just tuning in, the Blue Jays have lost both their shortstops - and it’s only the 6th inning!”. Thanks for the news flash, asshole.

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