Runs Heeere, Get Your Runs Heeere !

Tuesday, May 13, 2008  |  by 

Can you believe that it took 31 innings for the Blue Jays to notch a single run? That’s over 3 games without a single baserunner crossing the plate. And up until the 10th inning of last night’s 3-0 win over the Indians, I figured the Jays couldn’t even buy a run if they were being sold by the sketchy guy at the flea market.

An unassisted triple play? Are you shitting me? How often does that happen? Of course, it had to happen when the Jays are in the middle of this drought, and it just compounded the frustration even more. Then in the 9th, Victor Martinez robs the Jays of basehit at 1st, and then Franklin Gutierrez makes a diving catch in right field to snag another out. At this point, any Jays fan that has any hair remaining has pulled it out of their skull, and is cursing in 6 different languages.

Thankfully in the 10th, the bats came to life scoring 3 runs and securing the win, and most importantly stopping that 31 inning scoreless drought, and 4-game losing streak.

Yes I know Cliff Lee was stellar last night, but how about Shaun F*cking Marcum? 8 innings, 2 hits and no walks? He now has a miniscule ERA of 2.22, has posted 7 quality starts in 8 attempts, and has elevated himself as the #2 dependable starter on the team. Shaun Marcum is the future of this ball club, remember that.

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