Son of a Listch - what a game!

Sunday, May 25, 2008  |  by 

There's something about the first baseball game of the season that feels like taking your bike out for the very first ride of the season. Except for that my bike has sat on my balcony since last July - so now I just watch Jays games on TV. But on Saturday, I got to experience my first live game at the Rogers Centre.

Jesse Litsch pitched a gem of a game, with a complete game shutout. Aside from it being a no-hitter, I don't think I could've asked for a better game. Brad Wilkerson hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 1st, and Joe Inglett earned his keep with two spectacular catches.

Having not been to a game since last July, I forgot just how entertaining it was to go to a ballgame at the Rogers Centre. For a while, it was the beer guys who kept us laughing.

"If you can't catch a ball, you may as well catch a buzz!"
"Slightly overpriced beer here!"


Not only that, but there were also come pretty interesting folks in our section. There were two opportunities where guys with gloves had a foul ball fall right into their glove, but they dropped it. Then our entire section booed them for dropping it, which was hilarious for some reason.

Then there was the drunk guy who kept yelling at the one jackass who caught a ball, and kept demanding that he give the ball to the kid. This drunk guy was insisting on yelling this for atleast 2 minutes, while the other douchebag was posing for Jays vision and too busy texting his "My Fave" about how he caught a ball at a Jays game.

I'll admit that totally thought Brad Wilkerson would strike out in the bottom of the 1st when the bases were loaded. But he ended up clearing the paths with a grand slam. My friend Jon called it, and immediately after I texted him saying "I grand slammed your mom last nite". Classy, very classy.

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