Ernie Whitt thinks he’s Muhammad Ali

Monday, June 23, 2008  |  by 

One of the forgotten casualties of the John Gibbons firing was first base coach Ernie Whitt. On Sunday, he made his feelings very clear in the Toronto Sun.

“I still feel I’m the best manager Toronto has ever hired.”

Those are some pretty strong words from the former first-base coach and player. Understandably, he was extremely pissed in the article “I’m beyond angry, I’m beyond shock. I am trying to take the high road, but if I did something wrong, I wish they'd explained it to me".

While I do think that Whitt has a right to be angry, he certainly is nowhere near the best manager that the Jays have ever hired (or manager in training they have hired). Because if he was, he would probably still have a job, right?

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