Getting swept never looked so good

Thursday, June 19, 2008  |  by 

If it wasn't for the Jays sudden late-game surge today against the Brewers, I think that John Gibbons would've been given his walking papers today. I was fully expecting a loss today, but I certainly didn't think the Jays would make it interesting. It's kinds of fitting that it was former bluebird Dave Bush that kept the Jays hitless into the 8th inning.

But that's when it started to get interesting.

Lyle Overbay knocked a triple past the diving Ryan Braun, and the Blue Jays eventually clawed their way back to 8-7 only to have Matt Stairs strike out to end the game. The good thing is that we finally saw some life in this team, but unfortunately it was way too late.

If the Brewers kept the Jays even to a few runs, I say that Gibby is on his way back to Texas. But because the Jays showed a little life, I think he's bought himself some time for now.

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