Jean Paul is a clown in the Media Circus

Tuesday, June 24, 2008  |  by 

Ever since Gibby was fired and Cito Gaston was hired, it seems like the whole Ricciardi/Dunn controversy has been swept under the rug. Well, here we are bringing it to life - coincidently, as the Cincinnati Reds come to town for a 3 game series versus the Blue Jays.

After the initial shock of Dunngate, J.P. has now apologized to Reds GM and Adam Dunn himself for his remarks. Everything is now neat and tidy, and all is apparently forgotten. That is, until Dunn hits 2 or 3 dingers in this series. That’s when the circus will resume and fans will cry “we could have had Dunn, but our GM said he didn’t have a passion for baseball”.

A part of me still thinks that Ricciardi made those comments about Dunn because he knew they were short on tickets sales for the Reds/Jays series, and he needed to build some hype. And if that was the goal, it worked. And if it wasn’t, then he sure pissed off Adam Dunn and/or his agent.

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