Captain Obvious reports A.J. might get traded

Friday, July 25, 2008  |  by 

“Gee whiz, did you hear that A.J. Burnett might get traded to another team?”

“Yeah, where the fuck have you been?” did a feature article about which players are likely to get dealt before the trade deadline, and of course our precious Allan James Burnett is among them. Despite this insight, I don’t think Burnett is going anywhere; especially since the Phillies already picked up the arm they were looking for in Joe Blanton. Although the Yankees have been looking at A.J., Ricciardi already stated he doesn’t want to deal him to a team in AL East. This leaves St. Louis as the only other possible place Burnett could land, but it’s not very likely at this point. So we can look forward to his untimely cap-tipping until the end of the season at least.

But a few other names possibly on the trading block are Matt Stairs, Jason Frasor, Brian Tallet, and David Eckstein. This is the first I’ve heard that Frasor and Tallet could possibly be trade bait, but I could definitely see them going to a team with a shotty bullpen in need of some repair (St. Louis, Colorado, Pittsburgh). Stairs still has another year left on his contract, and I don’t think he’s on the move - Stairsy seems quite content in Toronto. As for Eckstein, I don’t believe there is much of a market out there for him, so he’ll probably just ride out that 1-year contract.

I can see the trade deadline coming and going, without the Blue Jays head office making any moves - and I’m fine with that. The timing for a trade really doesn’t matter at this point, since the Red Sox and Rays already have the division and wild card locked up anyway. But I’ve seen crazier things happen …

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