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Monday, July 14, 2008  |  by 

I’m really not quite sure what to expect from tonight’s MLB Home Run Derby. I kind of feel like a blind man walking into an antique store - I’ll be stumbling and breaking a lot of things, hoping to somehow find a diamond in the rough.

There really aren’t any household names participating in the Derby this year. After A-Rod removed himself from the participants list, that really doesn’t leave any baseball “superstars” on this list. Though, the have gathered an impressive list of players who have put up good numbers so far this season. Here is the breakdown.

American League

Josh Hamilton 21 HR
Evan Longoria 16 HR
Justin Morneau 14 HR
Grady Sizemore 23 HR

National League

Chase Utley 25 HR
Dan Uggla 23 HR
Ryan Braun 23 HR
Lance Berkman 22 HR

Here are my predictions for the HR Derby. I think it’s going to be the younger players that dominate. Most folks are probably betting on Utley or Berman to win, but I think they will drop off early. Look for Uggla, Braun, Sizemore, and Hamilton to advance to the semi-finals. I predict that we’ll see Ryan Braun and Dan Uggla in the finals, with Dan Uggla as your 2008 Home Run Derby Champion.

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