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Thursday, July 24, 2008  |  by 

For some reason, walking away from the baseball park with a little trinket somehow justifies paying for an overpriced ticket at the Rogers Centre. Either that is marketing genius, or I am just a gullable fan. I'm willing to admit it's a little bit of both.

In fact, part of the reason that I'll be going to this Sunday's game against the Mariners is because it is Alex Rios figurine day. Not Alex Rios DOLL DAY, Alex Rios figurine day (yes, there is a difference). Unfortunately, this giveaway is limited to the first 10,000 fans, which means we will probably have to get there 3 hours before the game.

Giveaway days are designed to make fans feel like they are getting something more for their money. In fact, I'm betting that these "giveaways" are probably stock-piled somewhere after manufacturers made way too many souveniers. It's nice to come home with something that you didn't have to pay for, but in reality it probably cost the Blue Jays pennies per item.

In recent memory, there hasn't been a really amazing giveaway day at the Rogers Centre. There is always the T-Shirts, the magnets, and baseball cards. Lately, more ballparks are giving away bobble heads - the Blue Jays might want to rethink that for 2009 (Frank Thomas bobble head day was originally scheduled for May 25th).

Regardless of all this critiscm, I will still enjoy the baseball game on Sunday. But after the game is over, I will now have an Alex Rios figurine to go along with the 40 of Jack Daniels keep me company at my desk during those hard times.

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