Manny being Uncanny

Thursday, July 31, 2008  |  by 

Well, he got his wish.

Manny Ramirez is giving up the green monster, bawston accents, and the Red Sox to be a Los Angeles Dodger. Jason Bay takes his place in left field, and now the Pittsburgh Pirates have four players to figure out what the hell to do with.

With this deal, I'm reminded of the Jays/Cardinals swapping of 3rd basemen in the offseason. The Red Sox didn't really upgrade in left field, they just shipped away a problem in the clubhouse. It looks like the Dodgers got the best short-term results in this deal, as it could help them in their playoff run to a NL West Title.

Jason Bay will likely be a very welcome addition to the Red Sox clubhouse. With his quiet demeanor and stereotypical Canadian kindness, the Boston baseball media will likely have a field day with Bay's occasional comments.

Blue Jays fans should be esctatic about Manny being traded to the Dodgers - he has feasted on Blue Jays hitting over his career. I don't have the statistics on hand, but I'm pretty sure he's hit the highest amount of homeruns against the Blue Jays. So I say, peace out Manny - hit some long bombs against National League teams!

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