Matt Garza in - The Unhittables

Wednesday, July 30, 2008  |  by 

Tonight, we were back to the Jays of yore as Matt Garza was unhittable with the Jays losing 3-0.

Again, Roy Halladay posted a quality start but the offense could not get it going to give him any run support. For the most part, Garza was solid; many balls were hit deep into the outfield, but as the 3-0 box score shows, he pitched a solid shutout effort. He struck out five Jays, and walked none.

In trade deadline news, the LA Angels just got deadlier after adding Mark Teixeira to their lineup. They traded away Casey Kotchmen and a prospect to land Teixeira, which is a HELL of a deal for the Angels. With this move, the Angels are planning on meaning business in the post-season.

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