Oh …… Canada. Riiiiight

Wednesday, July 30, 2008  |  by 

Matt Stairs will now have some Canadian company on the Jays - today, Vancouver’s Scott Richmond takes the hill. Now Stairs and Richmond can converse about being overtaxed, underpaid, and how Americans always think Canadians say “eh?”.

Some flag-wavers are getting all pissy that the Jays called up Richmond, taking him away from the Canadian Olympic baseball team that heads to Beijing in a few weeks. Given the choice between pitching in the majors and representing your country at the Olympics, I don’t blame Richmond for going for the majors. As a pitcher in the minors, Scott Richmond has no doubt always dreamed of pitching at the Major League level.

So I guess depending on how well Richmond does today, the starting rotation will juggle between Parrish, Purcey and Richmond for the final two positions exited by Dustin McGowan and Jesse Litsch. Though I think eventually it will be Purcey and Parrish holding it down for the rest of the season. Besides, the two of them together sound like a dynamic duo - P & P or PP!

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