The Return of Marcum

Tuesday, July 22, 2008  |  by 

Tonight marks the return of good old southern boy Shaun Marcum to the Blue Jays rotation. The team will welcome his solid 2.65 ERA with open arms, as the team has been pounded offensively as of late.

Marcum has emerged as one of my favourite players over the past few years. His calm demeanor and great pitch location has made him a very dependable pitcher ever since he joined the Jays starting rotation. Before landing on the DL, he was among the leaders in the AL in the categories of ERA and K’s. I think next to the Doc, Marcum is the second most exciting pitcher to watch on the mound. His stuff is not as overpowering as Burnett or McGowan’s, but his pitch placement is absolutely spot on.

To make room for Marcum, the Jays dropped Brian Wolfe down to Triple A for the second time this year. I question that move because I would think that the most likely candidate to go back to the minors was Brandon League. Obviously management wants League to get his shit together, and return to his dominant form of ’06.

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