Trade Deadline - Judgment Day

Thursday, July 31, 2008  |  by 

Today is the day where playoff-hopeful teams make their moves, and others that don’t have a chance in hell hope to rebuild for the future. Welcome to Trade Deadline Day.

Speaking of teams that are looking to the post-season, the Chicago White Sox acquired Ken Griffey Jr. The deal was announced earlier this morning, but it was waiting on the go ahead from Griffey - now they are just waiting on final approval from the commissioner. The Reds in return will receive Nick Masset and Danny Richar. The question is though - where is Griffey going to fit in? The White Sox outfield already consists of Dye, Quentin and Swisher. Maybe he’ll just DH and replace Jim Thome.

And now, the possible blockbuster of the day; trade winds are swirling into a hurricane of reports that there is a 3-team offer out there between Boston, Florida and Pittsburgh that would send Manny Ramirez to the Marlins, Jason Bay to the Red Sox, and a shitload of prospects to the Pirates. I think the likeliness of this deal happening is very unlikely; if A-Rod can stay in New York after that media circus last year, then Manny can most certainly stay in Boston.

After weeks and weeks of scouting, it is almost certain A.J. Burnett is going to stay with the Jays. Now it looks like the only Jay that could be on the move is Gregg Zaun. The Marlins were looking to fill the catcher position, but with Pudge off the market they could make a move for Zauny. I guess that all depends if the Marlins land Gerald Laird.

Much like the Angels, the Rays are also in the hunt to beef up their offense to solidify a good post season run. Depending on how the Manny-Bay-Prospects deal goes, the Rays could make a run to pick up Jason Bay. Failing that, it appears their backup plan is Adam Dunn. Though apparently the Reds are selling Dunn way too high for any teams to be interested.

And we end with Brian Fuentes - ever since the Rockies began to crumble, it was widely publicized that Colorado would be shopping their flavour-of-the-week closer. But now, they have almost completely backed off of Fuentes trade talks. Maybe they think it’s possible to make up 7 games in the NL West before October. Hell, we’ve seen it before - so why not?

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