Whoooooa, we’re half way there

Thursday, July 3, 2008  |  by 

I can’t help but make references to Bon Jovi since they’re coming to town this Sunday, but it’s true - the season is already half over. And Jays fans, I’d say that we’ve already seen a season’s worth of drama.

From Frank Thomas being dropped, to injury woes, and the departure of John Gibbons, things could not have been more dramatic than they have been in the first 81 games of the season. I am hoping that like the Detroit Tigers, the Blue Jays have put the worst behind them and will play for a winning record in 2008.

I think they will easily achieve Cito’s goal of reaching .500 by the All-Star break, but apart from that I’m not quite sure where the second half will take us.

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