Atta Boy, A.J

Tuesday, August 19, 2008  |  by 

All it took was 2 runs, but that was enough to get the job done as A.J. decimated the Yankees lineup tonight in the 2-1 victory. Burnett hurled a season-high 13 K's, giving up just 5 hits and 1 ER in 8 innings work. The wins just keep on rolling for A.J. - he's now 10-3 since Cito took over as manager.

I guess we also have Johnny "Butterfingers" Damon to thank for the victory as well - if it weren't for his error in the 8th, the Jays might not have picked up the victory. And holy shit, props to Lyle Overbay for sprinting like a mad-man to catch that blooper single and nail A-Rod at second.

We're gunning for ya, pinstripes. Blue Jays 1, Yankees 0.

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