Halladay’s Demonic Pitching Face Summons Another Win

Tuesday, August 5, 2008  |  by 

Picture yourself as a batter facing Roy Halladay. What is scarier - the fact that he could strike you out with any pitch in his repertoire, or that his pitching face makes him look like Satan hurling 98 MPH demons past you?

His win-loss record may not be as impressive as Cliff Lee (15-2) or Mike Mussina (14-7), but Halladay is still putting up Cy Young worthy stats for 2008. Roy Halladay has more strikeouts (149), complete games (7) and he obviously looks more badass doing it, too. Don’t forget to take into account the craptacular run support Halladay gets from the Jays offense (less than 3 runs per game).

There is no question that Halladay is in the race to win the Cy Young award this year, but I think it will take a collapse of either Cliff Lee or Francisco Rodriguez for him to be the front runner. Baseball writers tend to have a hard-on for “rags to riches” stories, which is why Josh Hamilton will probably win the AL MVP award, and Cliff Lee will probably get the AL Cy Young. But there is an outside chance that our good ol’ boy Roy could add another trophy to his case.

Until then, let the demon hurling continue …

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