Jays tame the Tigers

Tuesday, August 12, 2008  |  by 

A.J. must sense that this is a contract year for him. Chalk up another win for him, which now takes A.J. to 15 on the year - 2 more than his career high. I don't know if it's because he knows he's opting out anyway, but I think Burnett really has what it takes to be the solid #2 (if not #1) starter for the Jays. It's unfortunate that the Jays will let him go, but I realize that's part of baseball. Even if they could hold on to him for one more year, the Jays would put themselves in a great position to have another amazing pitching staff in 2009.

On another note, I had the pleasure of being on Jays Talk tonight with Mike Wilner. I asked Mike whether A.J. Burnett might possibly be a candidate for consideration for the Cy Young award. He said that Burnett's ERA and Win-Loss record are preventing him from being in the race.

Thanks to Mike and everyone at the Fan590; I've never called into Jays Talk before and everyone I dealt with was very polite and accomodating. Despite what some people might think, Mike Wilner is NOT an asshole. He just gets frustrated when people ask him ridiculous questions, and he is a very knowledgeable and usually understanding person - from what I have gathered. If I were asked 30-40 times a night "How are you", I would get a little testy too.

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